Fashion designing is a part of my soul, I am passionate about it. The time I finally realize the thing that really
makes me feel alive, it definitely comes to the art of dressmaking. I can explore my ideas, creativity and feeling into
a piece of dress. I graduated from ESMOD Jakarta Fashion International School in 2009. After three years of life-changing experiences, I have then dedicated my time in my small personal workshop to further develop my passion in becoming a fashion designer. Thus, I decided to launch my own brand to actualize that passion into life. As for my first-line brand, I use my own name and I named VIEW as my second-line brand.

These two lines offer a customized design approach that will meet the imagination of every woman into reality. My passion in dressmaking is also to create something for woman, which will make them feel comfortable and confident with themselves without losing their character. The way I do it is simply by pouring and blending my imaginations with high-quality yet affordable materials together into a piece of dress. For me, that is the art of dressmaking.

I love everything that I have now, talent and my family. I am very grateful that both of them really support me to what I am passionate for.